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I love to listen to the experiences, anecdotes and the life stories of everyone I meet. Just like fingerprints, every person has a story that is unique to them. People are– to put it simply– fascinating. The choices they make, the paths they take and even the ones they reject can hold your interest for hours. Put those stories into a book and that book into my hands, and I am truly a happy person!

I think of my own story as a happy one!

Like a lot of the baby boom generation, I grew up in a large family. All counted with parents and siblings there were seven of us! We moved around quite a bit while growing up, eventually landing in California where I went to college, got married and was blessed with a wonderful daughter, Erin. But, going the route of a great many of my friends, the marriage didn’t last and I ended up divorced. To support Erin and I, and to be sure she didn’t miss any opportunities because her parents couldn’t make a “go” of it, I put my degree to good use and carved out a successful career in the business world. But what I wanted to do was write.

I absolutely have no regrets for the years spent in the business world– it teaches you project management, being accountable for your decisions and certainly perseverance! All great skills sets to put to use now that I have the opportunity to pursue a second career as a writer. I’ve written non-fiction, but my heart is with fiction– and I love romance novels and mysteries! So writing a story for both of them is how I spend my time, and I hope you find that time is worth your while to read.

I also hope you’ll feel free to add any comments, observations or better yet stories of your own to any blog post you chose. I also hope you’ll stop by often. I’ve met friends over the internet just as often as those I’ve met them “in person”.  I’ve never considered them “virtual” friends, but just friends—with the same unique experiences, words of wisdom and interesting viewpoints as the ones I enjoy sitting down and having a cup of coffee with.

In the end, what I really want to say is: Welcome to my author’s blog and book list, and thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to getting to know you….

Vicki Lee